Sadra workers go on strike and cut off the shipyard’s electricity

Today, 14 May, the workers of Sadra Shipbuilding in Bushehr, southern Iran, went on strike. They managed to cut off the electricity supply of the Sadra industrial island, where the oil and gas platforms are built. As a result all production came to a standstill for a number of hours.

The main reason for this strike, which involved 500 people, was because the workers have not been paid last month’s wages. After the electricity was cut off the shipyard’s management held negotiations with the workers’ representatives. The managers promised the workers that all their backpay will be paid by Monday [19 May].

After these negotiations the workers agreed to go back to work provisionally.

14 May 2008

Report from a correspondent of Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.

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Sadra shipbuilding workers go on strike again

On the morning of 7 April the sacked workers of Sadra’s shipbuilding factory again gathered in front of the Bushehr governor’s office – as they have done for several consecutive days. Their gathering was calm and peaceful.

The majority of the workers have worked for Sadra for over seven or eight years but, because the shipbuilding – especially the building of platforms – has been turned over to contractors, the contracts of around 400 workers have not been renewed. The contractors have brought in new and cheaper workers.

This morning’s gathering began with around 100 workers present but within less than an hour, and the governor’s refusal to respond to workers’ demands, the riot police went into action by attacking the workers. As well as injuring four or five workers they severely beat and harmed the wife of one of the workers (who was resisting her husband’s arrest).

Following this attack the workers remaining in the area dispersed down into Imam Khomeini square and street for an hour. The security forces were widely photographing those present in the area.

Around 12 noon, when the riot police were not present, around 40 or 50 workers again gathered outside the door of the governor’s office and began demanding that he addresses and resolves their problems.

This report was made at 12:30 on Monday 7 April 2008 by a correspondent of Militaant, Journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.

Translator’s note: the workers’ demands included payment of unpaid wages. The Sadra workers have gone on strike many times over the past two years, including in January 2007.

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London picket in support of jailed students

Picket outside the National Gallery in London. Around 100 activists from various British and Iranian groups protested against the arrest, torture and continuing detention of lefwing students in Iran.


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Solidarität mit den inhaftierten und gefolterten Studierenden im Iran!

Hinter der Fassade einer zynischen und verlogenen Kampagne für die „nationale Einheit“ angesichts des Drucks aus den USA hat das iranische Regime die Unterdrückung in vielen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen verschärft. Ob Busfahrer, Lehrer, Arbeiter der Zuckerindustrie, Gewerkschafter, Frauen, Journalisten oder andere Menschen, die Kritik an der Politik dieser verkommensten reaktionären Diktatur des 21. Jahrhunderts äußern – viele von ihnen sind brutalen Formen der physischen und psychischen Folter in den Gefängnissen ausgesetzt.

In den letzten Monaten haben verschiedene Studentengruppen konsequent Widerstand gegen das Regime geleistet. Die Übergriffe des Regimes haben mindestens einen Todesfall in der Haft herbeigeführt. Zudem konnten mindestens drei Fälle schwerer körperlicher Folter und ein weitere schwerwiegende Misshandlungen und Kontaktsperre für die Familienangehörigen nachgewiesen werden.

Diese Übergriffe des Regimes wurden maßgeblich durch ein Ereignis ausgelöst: eine Gedenkveranstaltung in der Universität Teheran am 4. Dezember 2007, an der 500 Studenten und linke Aktivisten teilnahmen. Zunächst wurden 26 Personen, überwiegend von der Radikalen Linken an der Universität Teheran, festgenommen, aber seither wurden 12 weitere Studierende aus anderen Universitäten verhaftet. Obwohl einige von ihnen in der Zwischenzeit auf Kaution wieder freigelassen wurden, sitzen die meisten von ihnen immer noch im Gefängnis. Dies dämpft natürlich die Moral aller sozialen Bewegungen.

Um Solidarität mit den inhaftierten Studierenden zu bekunden, organisieren mehrere iranische Oppositionsgruppen am Samstag, 16. Februar 2008, zwischen 12 und 14 Uhr international Mahnwachen und Protestveranstaltungen vor iranischen Botschaften und Konsulaten. Wir rufen alle kritischen und aktiven Studierenden, Gewerkschafter, Sozialisten und Menschenrechtsaktivisten dazu auf, diese vereinigte Bewegung der Opposition zu unterstützen und die Öffentlichkeit auf das Schicksal der nach wie vor inhaftierten Studierenden aufmerksam zu machen.

Ein Sieg für die Studierenden kann den Weg bahnen für künftige Erfolge und Siege der Arbeiter, Frauen und anderen unterdrückten Menschen. Unterstützt unsere Arbeit und beteiligt Euch an den Protestaktionen am 16. Februar! Unsere Parole lautet: Für die sofortige Freilassung aller inhaftierten Studierenden!

Weitere Infos über: oder

Militaant – Zeitschrift der Revolutionären Sozialistischen Jugend im Iran.

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Support Iran’s jailed and tortured students!

Behind a cynical and bogus campaign for ‘national unity’ in the face of pressure from the United Sates, the Iranian regime has raised the level of repression against many sections of society. Whether it is the bus drivers, teachers, sugar mill workers, labour activists, women, journalists, or anyone who voices the slightest criticism against the policies of the most rotten and reactionary dictatorship of the twenty-first century, they are subjected to the most brutal and vicious forms of physical and psychological torture in its jails.

During the past few months the most consistent resistance to this regime has come from various student groups. The regime’s attacks against this movement have resulted in at least one death in custody, at least three confirmed cases of severe physical torture, and general abuse and lack of contact with families.

The main event that triggered such a response from the regime was a gathering at Tehran University on 4 December in commemoration of Students’ Day. Around 500 students and left-wing activists took part in the event. Initially 26 people, mainly from Tehran University’s Radical Left group, were arrested but since then over a dozen other students from various universities have been arrested. Although a few have now been released on bail the majority remain in prison and their incarceration is dampening the morale of all movements in society.

To show solidarity with the imprisoned students a number of Iranian opposition groups are organising pickets outside the Iranian regime’s diplomatic missions on Saturday 16 February 2008, from 12-2pm (in London the picket will be outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square). We urge all student activists, trade unionists, socialists and defenders of human rights to support this united move of the opposition in highlighting the plight of the students still in jail.

A victory for the students can open the way for more victories by workers, women and other oppressed and exploited sections of society. Join us on 16 February in support of the students. For more information on the picket in your city, or on how you can become involved, contact or check our English language blog.

On 16 February our main slogan will be: Free all jailed students now!

Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.

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Iranian regime tortures arrested students!

According to various student sources it has now been confirmed that at least three students have been tortured while in custody:

-Behrooz Karimizadeh’s forearm was cut so badly that he had to be transferred to hospital for medical treatment.
– Peyman Piran’s hand and shoulder were broken.
– Mehdi Allahyari was beaten so viciously by his interrogators that the signs were obvious to see when his family were visiting him. Some of the students who have now been released have also said that they could hear Mehdi being beaten up even though their own cells were quite a distance from the interrogation room!

Yet, at the same time, according to reports received from the families of jailed students, Nasim Soltan-begi was released on 26 January after a bail of 500 million rials ($54,000) was paid. She has now returned to her family and is said to be in high spirits. Similarly, the Prosecutor’s Office also set a 500 million rials ($54,000) bail for Keyvan Amir-alyasi and his family began proceedings on 28 January to release him and hope that this can be done by the end of the week.

While we welcome the release of those who have now left prison we believe that they should never have been arrested or mistreated – and that their release should be unconditional. We also believe that by killing a Kurdish student, torturing at least three others, and releasing some others, this regime is trying to sow the seeds of uncertainty, doubt and division among the student activists and leaders. This may be their ‘clever’ plan but it is bound to fail.

It is the economic, social and political crisis of this regime – and the rotten capitalist system it upholds – that compel students, workers, women, ethnic minorities and the Iranian masses in general, to protest against the injustices, the abuses, the corruption, and above all, the rampant exploitation and oppression, that dominate their daily lives. This is not the end of our struggle – it is the beginning of the regime’s end!

Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.

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Iranian regime claims Kurdish student hanged himself!

A spokesman for the Iranian regime’s judiciary has claimed that Ebrahim Lotf-Allahi, a Kurdish student arrested in Sanandaj on 6 January, had hanged himself in his cell.

Ebrahim Lotf-Allahi, a fourth year law student at the Payam Noor University in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan, was taken into custody by intelligence officers after leaving a university examination hall. Nine days later his family were told that he had died.

At the time Sanandaj’s intelligence authorities told Lotf-Allahi’s family that Ebrahim had committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. The judiciary has now officially announced this to the press. But Lotfollahi’s family do not accept that their son has committed suicide while under arrest. They have asked the Sanandaj prosecutor’s office to issue an order that his body be exhumed, the cause of death determined and that those responsible be punished.

Ebrahim was buried at night by intelligence officers: without his family’s knowledge or access to the body. Later on cemetery officials showed them the location of their son’s grave. The family’s lawyer has said that there is no precedent in Sanandaj for the body of someone who has died in prison to not be given over to the family. He also added that if Ebrahim Lotf-Allahi really had committed suicide, then by turning over the body to the coroner’s office, the cause death could have been establish and his family convinced about the reason for their loss.

A judiciary spokesman has said that Ebrahim Lotf-Allahi’s death is under investigation but that there would have to be a court order before the body can be exhumed.

Many human rights organisations have expressed concern about Ebrahim’s death and have asked the Iranian government to investigate. It is clear to everyone in Iran, however, that this is yet another crime committed by this reactionary regime in its 29-year reign of terror. Even if the state murder of Ebrahim Lotf-Allahi can be pinned to a single interrogator exceeding his authority, the ultimate responsibility lies with this blood-soaked and barbarous form of bourgeois dictatorship.

Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.


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