Iranian regime tortures arrested students!

According to various student sources it has now been confirmed that at least three students have been tortured while in custody:

-Behrooz Karimizadeh’s forearm was cut so badly that he had to be transferred to hospital for medical treatment.
– Peyman Piran’s hand and shoulder were broken.
– Mehdi Allahyari was beaten so viciously by his interrogators that the signs were obvious to see when his family were visiting him. Some of the students who have now been released have also said that they could hear Mehdi being beaten up even though their own cells were quite a distance from the interrogation room!

Yet, at the same time, according to reports received from the families of jailed students, Nasim Soltan-begi was released on 26 January after a bail of 500 million rials ($54,000) was paid. She has now returned to her family and is said to be in high spirits. Similarly, the Prosecutor’s Office also set a 500 million rials ($54,000) bail for Keyvan Amir-alyasi and his family began proceedings on 28 January to release him and hope that this can be done by the end of the week.

While we welcome the release of those who have now left prison we believe that they should never have been arrested or mistreated – and that their release should be unconditional. We also believe that by killing a Kurdish student, torturing at least three others, and releasing some others, this regime is trying to sow the seeds of uncertainty, doubt and division among the student activists and leaders. This may be their ‘clever’ plan but it is bound to fail.

It is the economic, social and political crisis of this regime – and the rotten capitalist system it upholds – that compel students, workers, women, ethnic minorities and the Iranian masses in general, to protest against the injustices, the abuses, the corruption, and above all, the rampant exploitation and oppression, that dominate their daily lives. This is not the end of our struggle – it is the beginning of the regime’s end!

Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.


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