Support Iran’s jailed and tortured students!

Behind a cynical and bogus campaign for ‘national unity’ in the face of pressure from the United Sates, the Iranian regime has raised the level of repression against many sections of society. Whether it is the bus drivers, teachers, sugar mill workers, labour activists, women, journalists, or anyone who voices the slightest criticism against the policies of the most rotten and reactionary dictatorship of the twenty-first century, they are subjected to the most brutal and vicious forms of physical and psychological torture in its jails.

During the past few months the most consistent resistance to this regime has come from various student groups. The regime’s attacks against this movement have resulted in at least one death in custody, at least three confirmed cases of severe physical torture, and general abuse and lack of contact with families.

The main event that triggered such a response from the regime was a gathering at Tehran University on 4 December in commemoration of Students’ Day. Around 500 students and left-wing activists took part in the event. Initially 26 people, mainly from Tehran University’s Radical Left group, were arrested but since then over a dozen other students from various universities have been arrested. Although a few have now been released on bail the majority remain in prison and their incarceration is dampening the morale of all movements in society.

To show solidarity with the imprisoned students a number of Iranian opposition groups are organising pickets outside the Iranian regime’s diplomatic missions on Saturday 16 February 2008, from 12-2pm (in London the picket will be outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square). We urge all student activists, trade unionists, socialists and defenders of human rights to support this united move of the opposition in highlighting the plight of the students still in jail.

A victory for the students can open the way for more victories by workers, women and other oppressed and exploited sections of society. Join us on 16 February in support of the students. For more information on the picket in your city, or on how you can become involved, contact or check our English language blog.

On 16 February our main slogan will be: Free all jailed students now!

Militaant, journal of revolutionary socialist youth in Iran.


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